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What do you put under an induction cooktop | most people store these underneath

what do you put under induction cooktop
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If you have an induction cooktop, you’re using one of the latest trends in rapid cooking technology. It’s so different from conventional stovetops that you might not know what to put under an induction cooktop. Unlike gas or electric ranges, the induction cooktop transfers the heat directly to the pan. Since the pan gets hot instead of underneath the cooktop, little heat dissipates around it.

For this reason, you have several choices about what you can put under your induction cooktop. You can install storage drawers, cabinets, and even an oven or microwave under it.

What storage can you have under induction cooktop?

If you have a built-in cooktop, you have plenty of storage room underneath it. Most countertop induction cooktops are only from 2 – 3 inches deep (5-8 cm). This allows you to install cabinets that fit your kitchen design. Whether you have a two-burner or a five-burner cooktop, you can use the space under it for valuable storage space.

How much space do you need under an induction cooktop?

Always consult your manual about the space you need under your induction cooktop because different models require specific clearance. Generally, they need about 2 inches (55mm) of air space underneath because that’s where the vents are located.

This means that you have to leave room for the air to circulate under the cooktop and heat shield. The air movement under the cooktop prevents overheating.

Many induction stoves also have downdraft fans. This pulls the smoke out through a pipe that runs under the cooktop to a vent or under the floor. This could also affect the space you need under your specific model.


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Can you put a drawer under an induction cooktop?

As long as you have the required air circulation under your induction cooktop, you can have a drawer under it.

A drawer under an induction cooktop is a popular storage choice for easy-to-reach items you need while cooking. Check your induction cooktop manual to see if it has a heat shield. If not, you can have a separator plate made for installing underneath the induction hob. It screws in place under the induction cooktop but leaves enough space for venting and air circulation.

The separator plate prevents heating the drawer, as well as protects your hob from any damage from stored utensils.

What can you store in a drawer under an induction cooktop?

utensils cutting boards mats under induction cooktop

You can keep all the convenient items you need for cooking in the extra space under your induction stove:

  • Utensils
  • Silverware
  • Spices
  • Dishes
  • Silicone mats

Really, anything you need for cooking and table settings can go in the drawer under the induction cooktop.

Do induction cooktops get hot underneath?

A big advantage to induction cooktops is their ability to be placed just about anywhere. While a conventional cooktop must be placed in an area of the kitchen so that the heat from the cooktop does not effect surrounding appliances and storage, an induction cooktop concentrates its energy so that only the pan on the cooktop gets hot. That means that there is a lot less wasted heat.

Just because the pan is concentrating the heat, however, doesn’t mean that there is no waste heat from an induction cooktop. Even a small amount of waste heat has the potential to destroy appliances and other kitchen surfaces. 

With conventional stove tops there is a lot of heat underneath the appliance; mostly from the cooktop itself. 

With an induction cooktop, however, the cooktop itself doesn’t heat up, so the amount of waste heat underneath the appliance is minimal. 

This means that an induction cooktop doesn’t need as much space underneath it for the appliance.

Your induction cooktop could have invisible heating elements or circular patterns on the cooktop. In either case, when you turn on your cooktop, it generates heat using a magnetic field. This heats up your pan and the food in it.

Because of this, the cooktop generates very little heat. However, below the induction cooktop can get hot.The vents under the cooktop dissipate the heat. Also, the heat shield under the cooktop prevents heat from touching anything if you have a drawer under the cooktop.

Can you store metal pots and pans under an induction cooktop?

Some induction cooktop manuals warn that metal cookware can become hot if stored under the induction cooktop. This is because of the electromagnets, which cause any cast iron or stainless steel pans to heat up.

As long as you follow your installation manual and leave the required space under the heat shield for air exchange, it shouldn’t be a problem.

Can you install a wall oven under an induction cooktop?

If you live in an apartment or have a small kitchen, then space can be a problem. You might be wondering if you can install a wall oven under an induction cooktop to save space in your kitchen. Yes, you can.

Whether you already have a wall oven and want to install an induction cooktop over it, or vice versa, you can do it. In order to get a perfect fit, make sure you get a custom cutout for the wall oven when it’s installed under your induction cooktop.

If you purchase each appliance from different manufacturers, it could be difficult to make a perfect fit, but you can still do it. Having an oven under an induction cooktop looks elegant, but it’s also very convenient. You can cook various cuisines for every occasion at the same time.

Can you put a microwave under an induction cooktop?

Yes, you can install a microwave under an induction cooktop as long as you have the required clearance space for your model.

Even if you have the correct clearance, keep in mind that the control panel on microwave ovens is designed for eye-level use. It could be awkward using the settings on your microwave if it’s lower than eye level.

Rather than permanently installing a microwave under the induction cooktop, consider the convenience of having a microwave on a wheeled microwave cart. Then, you can wheel the cart in and out of the space under the induction cooktop, if you need to.

Final Thoughts

As long as you leave enough clearance space for air circulation, it’s a matter of personal preference what you put under an induction cooktop. Some people put a storage cabinet or drawer under the cooktop for keeping cooking utensils nearby. Others prefer saving kitchen space and installing a wall oven or microwave under the induction cooktop.

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