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How to cook eggs on induction cooktop | It’s easy if you follow these steps

Soft boiled eggs on induction cooktop
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If you’re like me, mastering how to cook eggs on my induction stovetop was quite a culinary feat. I’m here to tell you how to cook perfect eggs, whether you’re boiling, scrambling, frying, poaching or mixing up an omelet.

Controlling the induction cooktop temperature is important when cooking eggs and using the correct cookware. 

When you place the pan on the cooktop, it generates instant heat. According to the induction cooktop heating chart, medium heat 270°F (132°C) gives the best results for cooking eggs. Cooking times vary depending on how you want to cook your eggs.

Here is a handy cheat sheet:

Guide and cheat sheet for cooking eggs on induction cooktop#collspan##collspan##collspan#
EggsHeat settingCooking timerTotal time
Hard boil eggsmedium 270°F (132°C)10 minutes15 minutes (add 5min for ice water)
Soft boiled eggsmedium 270°F (132°C)2 and one-half minutes2,5 minutes
Scrambled eggsmedium-low heat, 210°F (99°)2 to 3 minutes3 minutes (including melting the butter)
Fryed eggsmedium heat, 270°F (132°C)1 and one-half minutes1,5 minutes
Poached eggsmedium-high heat, 300°F (150°C) and reduce to simmer2 to 3 minutes for a semi-soft egg or 3-4 minutes for a firm yolk2-4 minutes
Egg omeletmedium-high heat, 300°F (150°C)2 to 3 minutes3 minutes (including melting the butter)


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How to make hard boiled eggs on induction cooktop

Since induction cooktops boil water much quicker than a gas or electric range. For this reason, the eggs don’t have to stay in the water as long to reach the hard-boiled stage.

Place the eggs in an induction compatible pan and cover and fill the pan with water about one to two inches above the eggs.

Set the heat to medium 270°F (132°C). After the water starts boiling, cook the eggs for two minutes. Take the pan off the stovetop, cover it and set a timer for 10 minutes.

While waiting for the eggs to fully cook, prepare a bowl of ice water. After the 10 minutes is up, transfer the eggs into the ice bath. Let them stay there for about 5 minutes. The ice bath makes it easier to remove the eggshells after boiling.

How to make soft boiled eggs on induction cooktop

Cooking soft boiled eggs on an induction cooktop is similar to the hard-boiled method. The only difference is the time the egg boils.

Place the eggs in an induction pot. Fill it with water to about one to two inches above the eggs.

Set the induction cooktop to medium heat, 270°F (132°C). These settings vary with various cooktop models. Once the water begins to boil, set a timer for two and one-half minutes.

Remove the pot from the induction cooktop. Use a slotted spoon to lift the eggs out of the water. Place them in an egg cup and enjoy.

How to make scrambled eggs on induction cooktop

Induction cooktops are ideal for making creamy, delicious scrambled eggs. The trick is cooking them slowly.

Beat the eggs in a bowl and set them aside. Set the induction cooktop to medium-low heat, 210°F (99°). Take a ferrous-bottomed skillet and add 2 tsp of butter. Place the skillet on the heated cooktop.

When the butter melts, add the beaten eggs. Let the mixture cook until it sets on the bottom. Then, use a silicone spatula to gently push the eggs into the center. This helps the uncooked eggs flow to the bottom of the pan. Continue gently moving the eggs around until done. This usually takes from 2 to 3 minutes.

You can vary the timing. If you like your scrambled eggs moist, cook them for less time. I prefer mine with a little browning, so I add a bit more cooking time.

How to fry eggs on induction cooktop

Cooking perfect fried eggs on an induction cooktop depends on the size of the frying pan you use. If you only want to cook two eggs, a 7-inch pan is ideal. Fried eggs cook quickly with induction, so make sure you’re ready with your spatula and a plate.

Place the frying pan on the induction cooking surface. Depending on the size of your pan, drop one-half to one tablespoon of butter in the pan. Set your induction cooktop to medium heat, 270°F (132°C).

Make sure the butter coats the bottom of the pan. After about one minute, the butter starts to bubble. Crack the eggs into the pan. Cook them for about one and one-half minutes or until the white sets and the yolk is still soft.

Remove them from the frying pan with the spatula if you like them sunny side up. Otherwise, gently flip the eggs over for a few seconds for over-easy eggs.

How to poach eggs on induction cooktop

Poaching your eggs is a quick and healthy method for cooking eggs on an induction cooktop. For the best results when cooking poached eggs, cook only one at a time.

Begin by cracking the egg into a small bowl. Next, take a medium saucepan made for induction cooktops and fill it about halfway with water. Add 2 teaspoons of vinegar to the water and a dash of salt. The vinegar prevents the egg white from spreading throughout the water.

Set the cooktop to medium-high heat, 300°F (150°C). Place the pot of water on the cooktop and bring the water to a boil. Reduce the heat to medium-low heat, 210°F (99°C). This brings it to a simmer with small bubbles forming.

Use a spoon to stir the simmering water. This forms a whirlpool, which keeps the egg in a round shape. Stop stirring the water and slide the egg from the small bowl into the simmering water. Cook it for 2 to 3 minutes for a semi-soft egg or 3-4 minutes for a firm yolk.

Remove your poached eggs using a slotted spoon and serve them over toast, a spinach salad or make eggs Benedict. They’re delicious any time of the day.

How to make an omelet on induction stove

You can add so many ingredients to an omelet from vegetables, herbs, meat and cheeses. Once you know how to make a basic omelet on your induction cooktop, you can get creative with the other ingredients you want to add.

Before turning on the induction cooktop, crack two large eggs into a small bowl. Add 2 tablespoons of milk or water and a dash of salt. Use a whisk to combine the ingredients. Set the egg mixture aside.

Take a small induction skillet and add one tablespoon of butter to it. Set the induction cooktop to medium-high heat, 300°F (150°C). Melt the butter in the pan, swirling it to cover the bottom. Add the egg mixture.

Allow the eggs to set slightly. Stir the eggs with a silicone spatula so they cook evenly. Once the eggs are almost set but still runny, fold the omelet in half. Transfer the omelet to your plate.

That’s the basic omelet. If you want to add cheese, veggies, seasonings or herbs, do that before you fold over the omelet and heat through. Then fold the omelet in half.

Induction Cooktops Make Cooking Eggs Easy

Induction cooktops cook eggs quickly and evenly. The trick is to use cookware made for induction stoves. Whether you’re cooking hard or soft-boiled eggs, scrambled, fried or poached, make sure you set the temperature correctly and monitor the firmness of the eggs.

Since induction cooking is so fast, make sure you have all your ingredients ready ahead of time. It takes some practice to get the temperature and timing right on your induction cooktop. But, it’s worth the practice when your eggs come out the way you like them.

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