11 Best wok burners in 2021, choose high BTU for best stir fry

Best high BTU outdoor wok burner for backyard cooking
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If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the best wok burner with hight BTU is then we’d recommend the PowerFlamer Outdoor High Pressure Propane Wok Burner as the best one.

When looking for the best outdoor wok burner, you probably are wondering about how much BTU should wok burner have, what size should I buy, is it suitable for round bottom or flat-bottom wok, what gas should I use? When purchasing my wok burner, I went through the same questions.

In this article, we reviewed eleven wok burners and bought two for the test. This way, we could find out which wok burner is the best if you want to make perfect stir fry and make wok dishes like a professional Chinese chef.

These are the wok burners we reviewed together with essential parameter to determine the 11 best wok burners with high BTU:

11 Best wok burners, high pressure wok burners with high BTU
CategoryWok burnerBTU/hKWGasIgnitionStandIncluded hose and regulator
Best wok burnerPowerFlamer Outdoor High Pressure Propane Wok Burner16000046PropaneManualYesYes
Best runner up wok burnerThunder Group IRFS001 5B Fast Stove7100020PropaneManualNoYes
Best free standingHigh Pressure Wok Burner 5B Fast Stove10000030PropaneManualNoYes
Best alternative #1 wok burnerEastman Outdoors 37212 Outdoor Gourmet Carbon Steel Wok Kit6500020PropaneManualYesYes
Best portable wok burnerEastman Outdoors 90411 Portable Kahuna Burner6500020PropaneManualYesYes
Best USA made wok burnerARC USA, 4242S 200,000 BTU Outdoor High Pressure Cast Iron Propane Gas Cooker20000060PropaneManualYesYes
Best alternative USA made wok burnerARC USA,7382M Outdoor Single Burner6500020PropaneManualYesYes
Best multipurpose wok burnerConcord Deluxe 16″ Banjo Single Square Burner Stove Brewing 200,000 BTU20000060PropaneManualYesYes
Cheapest wok burnerROVSUN Outdoor Propane Burner for Cooking, 200,000BTU20000060PropaneManualYesYes
Alternative cheap wok burnerKing Kooker CS14 Portable Propane 54,000-BTU Single-Burner5400015PropaneManualYesYes
Best wok burner for campingGasOne B-5450+50480 Gas ONE Burner with Cover Propane20000060PropaneManualYesYes

On the picture below is a 30 kw which is 100000 BTU propane outdoor wok burner. When you decide on your new cooking toy you will want to set it up and use it safely. Before you decide on your new cooking toy you can check this guide on how to use wok burner the right way and how to set it up.

Wok burners are very powerful and at start, you might have problems with burned food in your wok. Here is a quick guide on how to clean burned food in your wok.

wok burner 30kw 100000 BTU power

On the picture below is a regular outdoor propane gas burner, which is not considered a wok burner, but you can transform it into a wok burner very quickly with a wok ring.

classic outdoor propane burner for wok or pan

Best high BTU propane wok burner burners for outdoor use

From the information written above, you now know all the key elements for choosing an outdoor wok burner. Let’s take an in-depth look at our top choice as well as a few great alternatives.

Keep in mind that not all wok burners are alike. High pressure propane burners we reviewed are very sturdy and produce a lot of power. These wok burners are perfect for every outdoor barbecue, and you can achieve excellent results making your sizzling Thai or Chinese stir fry.

Best wok burner – PowerFlamer Outdoor High Pressure Propane Wok Burner

The temperature in BTU: 160000 BTU
Included accessories: adapter ring, adjustable propane regulator and stainless steel braided hose
Gas type: Propane
Ignition type: Manual

Extremely hot
Heat is very controllable
Iron bowl
Shield protected iron bowl
Perfect for round bottom wok
Pilot light

Bad packaging
Wobbly legs

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This is the best wok burner. It’s a high pressure propane jet burner that roars like a beast. It produces an astonishing 160000 BTU-s making it the hottest reviewed wok burner. Some users reported that they finally got the wok hai “the breath of the wok” they wanted. The dimension of the bowl is about 13,5 inch across, allowing you to use 13″-18″ inch woks on this burner. The unit comes with a standard 13″ wok adapter ring.

The included regulator is fully adjustable and fits onto a standard 20-pound propane tank for convenience. Assembly wise, this unit is quite simple to put together and only has three screws.

Some people reported that the packaging is pretty sloppy. Also, some users were saying that the legs are a bit wobbly, which makes sometimes tossing food in a wok a bit challenging.

Best runner up – Thunder Group IRFS001 5B Fast Stove

The temperature in BTU: 71000 BTU
Included accessories: 30psi regulator, 6-foot black hose and hose clamps
Gas type: Propane
Ignition type: Manual

Does not need a base
Iron bowl
Shield protected iron bowl
Perfect for round bottom wok

Some people find achieving low flames challenging

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The unit dimensions are approximate 13″ x 18″ x 8″ inches. Wok burner measures about 13 inches in diameter and comes with an iron bowl. The bowl comes with a shield that prevents the flame from coming at you. The shield is a niche safety feature. It also comes with a 30 psi regulator and a 6-foot black hose. This burner doesn’t have a spark plug or pilot burner.

This high preasure propane jet burner doesn’t come with a base or a stand and, under our opinion, does not need one. We recommend placing this on a sturdy surface a bit lower than a standard table. We recommend you put a stainless steel plate under it, so the surface under it doesn’t burn.

Some people were asking how to attach the regulator to propane tank: the regulator that comes with the unit is a male thread, you just apply slight pressure as you turn, and the thread will catch, then tighten as follows.

Overall, users are very satisfied with the burner because the heat can be adjusted from very high to very low. Adjustment enables applying extreme heat when making stir fry or low heat when you just need to simmer some veggies. Some people find achieving low flames challenging.

Best free standing – High Pressure Wok Burner 5B Fast Stove

The temperature in BTU: 100000 BTU
Included accessories: adjustable propane regulator and hose
Gas type: Propane
Ignition type: Automatic

High and low setting easy adjustable
Iron bowl
Shield protected iron bowl
Perfect for round bottom wok

Needs stainless steel protection under the burner

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This high BTU burner is very practical. It is the only burner in our review with automatic ignition. Users report that this feature works excellent, and the best part is you don’t need a match or a lighter to get this dragon roaring. The size of the product is 20.6 x 12.7 x 7.3 inches, which allows perfect cooking for most wok sizes (from 14 to 30-inch woks).

Setup is easy, and storage doesn’t take a lot of extra space. The low and high flame settings are easily adjustable, allowing you to simmer food or make blazing hot flames. This heavy-duty wok burner has cast iron construction, which helps tossing food in your wok a peace of cake.

This burner is not a stand alone burner, but you can place it on a flat surface and start woking. Since the temperatures produced under the burner are also quite high, it is wise to put a stainless steel plate under it. The steel plate will protect your wooden or any other surface from burning. Here is an example of what maximum heat on this burner can do with the surface under the burner:


This is what happened after having burner on max heat for almost 30 minutes

Most users report that this unit is professional restaurant quality. Some also mentioned that they are thrilled with automatic ignition systems.

Burned stainless steel

Best alternative #1 Eastman Outdoors 37212 Outdoor Gourmet Carbon Steel Wok Kit

The temperature in BTU: 65000
Included accessories: 22″ wok, cooking utensil set, clip-on thermometer, gas regulator and hose
Gas type: Propane
Ignition type: Manual

A lot of accessories included
Stand alone
Adjustable legs

People have problems with parts not fitting
Issues with bad packaging and missing parts
Not very good temperature control

>> Check price on Amazon <<

Whether you’re stir-frying, deep frying, or boiling, this burner will do the trick. It comes with three adjustable legs. The height is adjustable from 18-26 inches.

The unit comes with a 22-inch wok. The wok needs to be seasoned appropriately; otherwise, the food will stick to it. The seasoning is also vital to get rid of the manufacturing oil which the wok is coated with. Just use some water soap and lightly scrub it before you start the seasoning.

The set also includes a clip-on thermometer. The thermometer is an excellent addon for your frying dishes. You won’t use it for your stir fry, but for fried chicken wings or turkey, it will work perfectly.

If you are looking for a versatile burner that you can use at your backyard parties or camping trips, then this is a burner to pick. It is easy to assemble and doesn’t take a lot of storage space.

22-inch wok that is included is perfect if you have a lot of guests. Although you could make stir fry for all the gest at once, we do not recommend it. If you make stir fry for a lot of people, we recommend you do it in batches; otherwise, your stir fry will not come out right.

The top has a concave surface so you can achieve the ultimate wok experience. It also flips over for a flat surface. This way, you can put on your flat bottom pots and pans.

Some people reported that the temperature control is not very good. You need to change the gas flow near the propane tank itself, which is not convenient and requires you to take your eyes off the food and takes extra time.

Best portable wok burner – Eastman Outdoors 90411 Portable Kahuna Burner

The temperature in BTU: 65000 BTU
Included accessories: adjustable propane regulator and hose
Gas type: Propane
Ignition type: Manual

Adjustable legs
Lightweight – especially useful for camping and RVs

Most people reported that gas hose fitting would not fit

>> Check price on Amazon <<

This unit comes with three convenient adjustable legs which can come very handy on uneven surfaces. The height can be adjusted from 18-26 inches. Its lightweight, weighing 12.3 pounds is perfect for camping trips and easy storage in your RV or backyard kitchen.

The size of the product is 12 x 18 x 6.5 inches, which allows ideal cooking for the following wok sizes (up to 18″ diameter woks). Kahuna Burner is not used only for woks. You can also heat a large pot up to 36 Quarts.

Most users report that the flame is blazing hot and can be very well adjusted. They are also very satisfied with sturdiness and adjustable legs.

Best USA made wok burner – ARC USA, 4242S 200,000 BTU Outdoor High Pressure Propane Gas Cooker

The temperature in BTU: 200000 BTU

Included accessories: adjustable propane regulator and hose
Gas type: Propane
Ignition type: Manual

Wind stopper
Very sturdy
Very high BTU
Low price
Very quiet
Heats up quickly

Flame adjusting is not that comfortable
A bit low regulator in a set, for the BTUs
The regulator is bad quality
Only suitable for 14-inch woks and above

>> Check price on Amazon <<

This is a beast when it comes to BTUs. It has got 200,000 BTU/h power. It must be used outdoors where oil splatters and occasional fire on the wok won’t mess your kitchen. 

The welded steel frame is suitable for heavy-duty cooking and is extra durable and sturdy.

ARC 4242S comes with a 20psi regulator, 47 inch steel braided hose, and connector.

It has an air damper where you can easily adjust the flames to get that perfect blue flame for your wok. If you don’t adjust it, you will be left with black marks under the wok. 

The usage is very versatile. You can use it for any outdoor cooking or even brewing. Users mention that the cooker is excellent for lower flame cooking, but you might put some heat resistant gloves on if you go with higher flames.

Best alternative USA made wok burner – ARC USA,7382M Outdoor Single Burner

The temperature in BTU: 65000 BTU
Included accessories: adjustable propane regulator and hose
Gas type: Propane
Ignition type: Manual

Easy to adjust air damper
Adjustable legs
Best for camping and RV’s
Easy storage

BTUs could be higher

>> Check price on Amazon <<

Arc 7382 is equipped with a burner producing 65000 BTU, which is enough for a perfect stir fry in your wok. It comes with a 20psi regulator, 47 inch steel braided hose, and connector.

It has got detachable and adjustable legs. The legs are very stable and perfect for transport and storage. You can get three different heights with these legs (13 inch=33cm, 19 inch=48cm and 28 inch=71cm). 

The well designed ring on the burner compliments almost any wok size. Users say that the fire adjustment is very easy, and they get great results with their Asian wok dishes.

Best multipurpose wok burner – Concord Deluxe 16″ Banjo Single Square Burner Stove Brewing 200,000 BTU

The temperature in BTU: 200000 BTU

Included accessories: adjustable propane regulator and hose
Gas type: Propane
Ignition type: Manual

Large cooking surface
Detachable legs
Suitable for any wok size
Does Not wiggle when heavy pots are on
Very high BTU

After prolonged use, some paint can flake off
Setup instructions could be better

>>Check price on Amazon <<

The Concord deluxe can roar. The 200000 BTUs are enough for any type of outdoor cooking.

It is well designed to put a small or large wok on the burner. If your wok doesn’t fit on the burner, simply use a cheap wok ring like this one

The regulator that comes with the burner is suitable for propane. If you wanted to use natural gas, you would need a different regulator. 

The burner is made from cast iron with waterproof coating. It is not that difficult to carry it around as it has detachable legs, which are also perfect for easy storage.

The burner is also great if you make apple juice or brew beer. It can handle 400 LB or 200 QT pot filled with liquid with ease.

Cheapest wok burner – ROVSUN Outdoor Propane Burner for Cooking, 200,000BTU

The temperature in BTU: 200000 BTU
Included accessories: leather hose with 0-20 PSI regulator
Gas type: Propane
Ignition type: Manual

Great price
Easy installation
Great for camping

Bad gas connections
Does not heat up to 200000BTU
Legs not adjustable

>> Check price on Amazon <<

This is also a short height outdoor wok burner, but it produces tons of heat. It is made of cast iron, which ensures a long life and is also very sturdy. The gas ring is also made of cast iron, and the burners are about 12 inches apart. 

Some users report they had problems with gas connection. Most people mention they are satisfied with the purchase and use it for outdoor cooking and woking. The ring on the burner is made of cast iron and holds the wok well in place.

Alternative cheap wok burner – King Kooker CS14 Portable Propane 54,000-BTU Single-Burner

The temperature in BTU: 54000 BTU
Included accessories: adjustable propane regulator, hose, thermometer
Gas type: Propane
Ignition type: Manual

Removable windshield
Detachable legs for easy storage
Great for stockpots
Great for brewing beer
Very easy to set up
Great hight

Short hose attachment
Wide flame ring

>> Check price on Amazon <<

This is a smaller sized wok burner that achieves only 54000 BTU which is still enough to stir fry dishes.

It is made of cast iron and includes lp Hose, regulator with type 1 connection, and a deep-fry thermometer. A part of this propane outdoor wok burner is also a windshield that is removable if needed. 

With 14-inch wide cooking surface, users mostly use King kooker for deep fried turkey and for cooking in large stockpots. Users also mention that this burner’s height is excellent because they don’t have to bend over to use the burner.

Best wok burner for camping – GasOne B-5450+50480 Gas ONE Burner with Cover Propane

The temperature in BTU: 200000 BTU
Included accessories: adjustable propane regulator, hose, cover
Gas type: Propane
Ignition type: Manual

Great for brewing
Plenty of heat
Great for camping

Shorter in height
Paint burns off, producing a bad smell

> Check price on Amazon <<

Gas one B-5450+50480 has 200000BTU output power. With the adjustable heat control knob, achieving a blue flame is relatively easy.

It is made of cast iron and includes a huge burner with lots of holes so the flame can reach your entire wok cooking surface.

It is suitable for larger woks. If you use a smaller wok than 12 inches, you would need to use a wok ring.

This set also includes a weatherproof cover that is perfect if you use this outdoor wok burner outdoors when camping or having a picnic. 

People report that it is sturdy enough and stable, which is essential for a wok burner. But most users report problems with melting paint, which is ok after it burns off. People recommend you burn the paint off first and then start to cook.

How to choose the right high pressure propane wok burner

Difference between high BTU propane wok burner and regular camping propane burner

High pressure propane wok burner and regular camping outdoor propane burner are two different things from the cooking perspective. If you want to make stir fry with a regular low BTU camping propane burner that doesn’t have enough heat power, your stir fry will be cooked instead of fried. But if you want to make proper wok dish and achieve excellent results, then you need a powerful wok burner with a significant BTU power.

Already own a wok burner? This guide on how to use and set up wok burner will help you master stir fry at home!

A proper high pressure propane jet burner that puts out from 70000 to 100000 BTU-s of heat and is powerful enough to make a delicious and perfect stir fry sounds like this:

On the other hand, a camping propane burner can put out around 7000-15000 BTU.

Why are BTU and power important when choosing a wok burner

To know how strong is your burner you can convert the kilowatts into BTU-s by using this formula:

1 kilowatt (kW) = 3,412.14 BTU per hour (BTU/h)

If you are a long time cook, you probably know that every vegetable or meat contains water and that during the cooking process, this water is released from ingredients. When the temperatures are lower in the cooking process, more juices are released into a pan, and the ingredients start to cook in their own juices.

When you make stir fry, you must avoid this. The ingredient shouldn’t cook in their own juices. Instead, you need high power and temperature to avoid this. That is where wok burners come into play. Wok burners produce an extensive amount of power in a few seconds and can eliminate this effect. That is why it is essential to have a very powerful wok burner when you make your stir fry. Such wok burners are also called Chinese wok burner or Thai wok burner.

How choosing the right wok material effects the heat absorption of the propane jet burner

Carbon steel wok has higher heat conductivity and lowers thermal mass than other materials, making heat control much more manageable. It combines the best features of nonstick, stainless steel and cast iron cookware into a single wok. Carbon steel is also a staple in professional kitchens for a good reason. Carbon steel is the best and traditional material used for making authentic woks. It heats up very fast, and the heat spreads evenly through the wok.

Cleaning is effortless, and it usually takes only hot water and oil to clean the wok. Carbon steel woks are getting more and more popular. In the past, the seasoning was the problem because it was hard to find the heating source for seasoning. Nowadays, you can buy pre-seasoned carbon steel wok on amazon and can start using it right away. You can find out more about different woks and wok material in our best carbon steel wok article.

What are wok burner essential accessories and do Accessories Come Included

Some burners come with all the accessories and others with none. It is important to have all the essential accessories before you start using a high pressure propane burner. The most important once are:

  1. High-pressure regulator
  2. At least 4-foot gas hose
  3. Brass fitting
  4. Teflon tape
  5. Wok burner stand
  6. Wok ring
  7. Carbon steel wok
  8. Wok utensils
  9. Propane tank

How to assemble high pressure propane burner accessories

The propane burner needs to be correctly attached to the propane tank. To do so with most burners, you have to first attach the hose onto a high pressure regulator. Then you attach the high pressure regulator to the gas tank and, in the end, attach the hose with the brass fitting on the wok burner. You can also put some Teflon tape on brass fitting before binding altogether.

At first, make sure all your wok burner valves are closed. When ready, open up the fuel tank, so there is fuel in the line. Then gently open up the main valve. To adjust the size of the flame with a high pressure regulator, just simply open or close the pressure valve.

Some people had suggested they had problems with attaching the regulator into the tank. The threads on the stem that goes into the tank are reverse, and when you put it into the fuel tank, you have to turn it counter-clockwise to put it into the tank.

Regulation and connection with rubber hose option and 0 – 60 psi regulator  which equals 4 bars, for high pressure propane wok burner:


0 - 60 psi equals 4 bars regulator for high presure wok burner

connection with gas hose

What about wok burner stand, do I need it?

The wok burner we bought for a test came without a wok stand. At first, this was not a problem because we used wok burner only for doing one stir fry dish at a time. When we started using wok burner for the seasoning of our woks, we noticed that the flat stainless steel surface under the burner was starting to burn. This was an indicator that we need to use a thicker stainless steel plate under the burner for future use.

Burned stainless steel

Wok burners tend to be quite heavy. If you get a wok burner with a stand, the legs should be firm and fix; otherwise, you will have problems when tossing food in the wok. When making stir fry or any dish in a wok, the cooking procedure is quick and intense. Lots of heat and quick tossing make the perfect stir fry. To have this process under control, you need to make mise en place.

Prepared ingredients to make stir fry for a crowd

If you don’t, you won’t have time to run around getting your ingredients while stir frying. Here is where a proper prep table comes handy. You can put all your ingredients and miese en place on a prep table and make perfect wok without rounding around to get your ingredients. If you want to know more about why prep tables are great for woking and how to chose one, check our article about the best prep tables for outdoor cooking, bbq or grill.

If you get a wok burner without stand, you will usually place it on a table or any other surface, where you can also put your mise en place.

The shape of a wok burner and how to use a wok ring

Wok burners are usually made in the form of a bowl. The bowl is often made of heavy-duty cast iron. The bowl-shaped form allows you to use the round bottom or flat bottom woks and also provides even distribution of heat through the entire wok. The bowls usually come with a shield that acts as a safety feature and as a basis for tossing.

propane wok burner with 14 inch round bottom seasoned carbon steel wok.JPG

If you get a regular propane wok burner, which is made for outdoor cooking, it will not be shaped for proper cooking with a round bottom wok. The surface is usually flat, and the heat doesn’t evenly distribute when you use a wok. That is why you should consider getting a wok ring.

cast iron wok ring

clasic outdoor burner adapted for wok with wok ring and 14 inch carbon steel wok 8

Wok rings are usually made of cast iron or stainless steel, but we recommend you get a cast iron one. With the help of a wok ring, your wok will solidly stand on a propane burner and help distribute the heat evenly on your wok.

Carbon steel wok and wok utensils

Woks come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Some wok burners have woks and utensils included. If you want to achieve great results with your stir fry, carbon steel is the right choice. You can check out more about carbon steel woks in our best carbon steel wok article.

From a safety and convenience point of view, it is wise to use proper wok utensils. Authentic wok spatula and spoon are long and durable. They allow a safe distance while cooking on high heat and last forever because of the high quality stainless steel material. They are also perfectly shaped to fit your round bottom wok so you can turn and toss food like a pro.

Propane tank for wok jet burner

If you regularly use your outdoor jet burner, it will save you a lot of money if you buy a good propane tank. Sure, you can purchase pre filled one, but once you get past a low upfront cost by using your own, you can save a lot of money in the long run. Not all wok burners that use propane are energy efficient. That is why you will need to refuel the tank more often if you don’t have an energy-efficient burner.

If you want a good quality propane tank, we would recommend the Flame King YSN-301 30 Pound Steel Propane Tank.

It is certified and made of welded steel and powder coated for long-lasting durability. For more information, check it on Amazon.

Recipe ideas for your first stir fry

You got your new wok burner and don’t know which recipe to make?

If you are making your first stir fry for your family, you need something quick and simple. This recipe will do the trick.

If you are cooking for a crowd start here and make stir fry like a pro.

High BTU wok burn vs. regular propane camping stove, the final verdict

Depending on your specific woking needs, we have you covered on some of the best high BTU wok burners available. We love all of these options for their particular uses. However, if you’re not quite sure about wok and stir-frying yet, or you’re just looking to start your woking journey than, our favorite for experienced woking enthusiasts or beginners is the PowerFlamer Outdoor High Pressure Propane Wok Burner.

The acceptable price combined with high ratings of this wok burner makes it our overall winner. Also, the full experience after buying this type of wok burner makes it easy to determine a winner. It’s a fantastic starter burner and can fulfill the need of a professional cook. So, it’s worth trying out and won’t break the bank even if you decide you need something even more professional use. Happy woking!

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