Can you cook steak with corn oil | how it affects the taste

Can you cook steak with corn oil
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Cooking steak needs an oil, preferably with high smoke points that need to be 450°F (230°C) or more. Although corn oil is one of them that can reach a temperature as such, there are several pros and cons to using corn oil for cooking steak. 

Can you cook steak with corn oil

Yes you can easily cook steak with corn oil because of its high enough smoke point, relatively neutral taste, and versatile use.

How does corn oil affect the taste of steak while cooking

Well, when considering the taste of steak when cooked with corn oil, it acts as regular as that of olive oil. It adds the perfect taste to the food when used with the required amount for cooking steak. 

This golden yellowish-colored oil adds a mild taste to the food, thus making a perfect steak. And a point to note is that corn oil provides the best result when steak is pan-fried, providing a distinct roasty flavor.

What are the methods of cooking steak with corn oil

As is known to us from above, cooking steak needs oil that should be able to provide very high temperatures, a temperature of around 450°F. So, from that, let us see the four methods of cooking steak with corn oil.

1. Pan Frying

Corn oil has a very high temperature, making it one of the best cooking oils for pan frying. And pan frying is one of the best methods for cooking steak too. 

Thus, cooking steak is preferable when you count in corn oil. Corn oil has a high smoke point of around 450°F (230°C), similar to grapeseed oil, and it shines when brought to heat. When you are cooking steak by pan frying it, corn oil helps make the pieces of steak crispy softly.

2. Pan Searing

Although pan searing is similar to pan frying, pan searing for steaks is better used for steak with a bit of corn oil and high heat. If you are using pieces of thick steaks, then reverse pan searing is one of the best methods for cooking steak. This method gets started in the oven and ends on the skillet.

3. Grilled Steak

When you are grilling the pieces of steak, the range of temperature varies according to the thickness of the steak that has been used. But before jumping onto the ranges of temperature, let us see why to use corn oil for grilling a steak. 

Food such as steaks gets cooked quickly when a high-temperature range is used. And when corn oil is being used, it ensures that the food does not get stuck to the grill. This bars the generation of smoke. Now, let us see the temperature varies according to the thickness of the steak.

Steak thicknessFahrenheit (Searing/pan frying)Celsius (Searing/pan frying)Grilling
1/2 inch (1.27cm) steak thickness425°F to 450°F218°C to 232°CUse medium hot coals/no ash
3/4 inch (1.9cm) steak thickness360°F to 400°F360°C to 204°CUse medium hot coals/thin layer of ash
1 inch (2.54cm) steak thickness325°F to 350°F.162°C to 176°CUse medium low coals/thick layer of ash
1.5 inch ( 3.81cm) steak thickness110°F to 120°F43°C to 49°CUse medium low bricquettes

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4. Roasting

Don’t you love the roasted pieces of steak? Well, yes, it is so yummy. Roasting is a method that involves the cooking of larger pieces of steak uncovered in the oven. This makes the meat soft by reducing the moisture content in the connective tissue.

Corn oil in a pan or on a steak

It really doesn’t matter whether you put corn oil on a steak or in a pan. Though it is best to preheat the pan before adding the oil. This way you will be able to keep more natural flavors of the corn oil.

What are the advantages of using corn oil for cooking steak

Before stepping onto the advantages of corn oil, first, we need to the source of corn oil to make our understanding of the advantages of corn oil better. Maize kernel is the ultimate source of corn oil. Corn oil can be used for frying and baking, but it is to be used only when the cooking calls for medium temperature when it comes to cooking. Although this golden yellowish oil is famous for making margarine, why not experiment with it with steak? So, now, let us see the advantages:

  • Production of less smoke
  • Do not let the cooking material lose its color quickly.
  • Rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which is again healthy a reason to use corn oil for cooking steak
  • Steak is heavy food consumption, and corn oil, on the other hand, is rich in vitamin E, phytosterols, and linoleic acid, which will help you keep your heart healthy.

What are the disadvantages of using corn oil for cooking steak

Apart from several advantages that have been mentioned above, there are several side effects or disadvantages of using corn oil for cooking steak. 

And although previously, it has been mentioned about corn oil helps in keeping a heart-healthy when used for cooking steak, there are a few side effects even for people with a heart problem. Come, let us see them.

  • Although there is a little content of saturated or lousy fat in corn oil, there is some content of polyunsaturated and monosaturated fat in corn oil. And because of this, the balance of omega-3 and omega-6 remains dispersed, making it high in fat.
  • Due to the content of omega-3 in corn oil, when used for cooking steak, if the quantity of this oil used becomes more than what is required, it may lead to different types of cancer.
  • Due to the use of several chemicals such as pesticides, while producing corn, chances are there the corns might be the bearer of this toxicity.
  • As seen previously in this article, using corn oil for cooking steak has several advantages. Still, steak being a heavy meal, might get affected due to the heavy content of calories in corn oil.



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