Best electric wine aerator with dispenser pump, for the smooth and oxidated wine in seconds

Best electric wine aerator with dispenser pump and decanter
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Wines can be expensive or cheap. But what if you could elevate a 5 dollar off wine easily into a 20 dollar wine. The taste of wine is enriched by decanting and aerating the wine. You can do this the long old fashioned way or the fast modern way by using an electric wine aerator. Since my family and friends love wine, I went on a quest to find the best electric wine aerator decanter with a dispenser pump.

But if you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the best electric potato masher is, then I’d recommend the JIFAR Electric Wine Aerator, Wine Dispenser Pump, Automatic Wine Pourer as the best one.

Here is a list for easy navigation through each electric wine aerator’s characteristics:

Best electric or automatic wine aerator dispenser pump and decanter
CategoryElectric or automatic wine aeratorNr.  of batteriesBatteries includedRechargeableUSB cable includedTube/straw materialNr. of tubesBottle sizesincluding pour spout
Best electric wine aerator decanter dispenser pumpJIFAR Electric Wine Aerator1 Built-in Li-ion batteryYesYesYesStainless steel1 expansion tube4.72-13.38 inch (12-34cm)Yes
Best runner up electric wine aerator decanterAer de vino Electric Wine Aerator Decanter1 Lithium PolymerYesYesYesSilicone2For 750 ml and magnum bottlesYes
Best set electric wine aerator with caseRICANK Electric Wine Aerator Pourer1 Built-in Li-ion batteryYesYesYesSilicone2For 750 mlYes
Best price performance electric wine aerator and pourerCIRCLE JOY Electric Wine Aerator1 Built-in Li-ion batteryYesYesYesStainless steel14.72-13.38 inch (12-34cm)Yes
Best electric wine aerator with vacuum saverWAERATOR Instant 1-Button Electric Aeration 4 AAANoNoNoSilicone1For 750 ml bootlesYes
Best electric wine aerator without a pourerNutrichef Premium Electric Wine Aerator2 AAANoNoNoStainless steel1 expansion tube3.7-8 inch (9.3-20.3cm)No
Best cheapest electric wine aeratorIvation Electric Wine Bottle Aerator2 AAANoNoNoStainless steel1 expansion tube5-9.5 inch (12.7-24.1cm)No
Best aeration electric wine aerator and dispenser pumpAervana Original: 1 Touch Luxury Wine Aerator6 AAAYesNoNoSilicone2For 750 ml and magnum bootlesYes
Alternative electric wine dispenser with spoutVinaera – Electronic Wine & Spirit Aerator6 AAA batteriesNoNoNoSilicone1For 750 ml bootlesYes

red and white wine in a glass

Best electric or automatic wine aerators with decanter and dispenser pump

Best electric wine aerator decanter dispenser pump – JIFAR Electric Wine Aerator, Wine Dispenser Pump, Automatic Wine Pourer

This wine serving tool is the best electric wine aerator dispenser pump. It works by first oxygenating the wine in the bottle. By pushing the stainless steel button on the top of the aerator, pressure pulls the wine out of the bottle and through the aerator. At that moment, the second oxygenation reveals the smoothness of the character of your wine. 

This aerator has a lot of beneficial features that every electric wine aerator should have. It comes with a stainless steel tube, which is much better than the silicone one. Since the tube is a vital part of the aerator, this tube is made of stainless steel and can quickly expand and collapse. 

Expanding and collapsing feature is a must if you want to aerate wine in different bottle heights. The length is easily adapted to fit a glass or a larger bottle.

The oxidation with this wine aerator starts in the bootle. There is also an oxidation switch on the pouring spout that enables additional airflow for the perfect results.

This aerator is a perfect gift for any wine lover. The electric wine aerator is the best birthdays or Christmas present for anyone who loves electronic gadgets. 

Some users mentioned that they had problems with the wine aerator not shutting off. People were excited about this aerator’s sealing capabilities, but on the other hand, some mention that its sealing is not so strong.

Pouring spout
Stainless steel tube
Expandable/collapsible tube
Fits a most common bottle hights
No need to buy batteries
Including USB rechargeable cable
Draws wine without sediments
Great for a gift (Family, Christmas, birthday)
Aerates 30 bottles with a single charge

Problems fitting on some bottle types

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Best runner up electric wine aerator decanter – Aer de vino Electric Wine Aerator Decanter

Aer de vino electric automatic wine aerator is the best runner up electric wine aerator dispenser pump. It is a rechargeable electric wine aerator that is a perfect Christmas gift for gadget enthusiasts or anyone who loves relaxing time with a glass of wine. 

The all-new electric wine aerator is easy to use. The only thing you need to do is charge it and connect the silicon tube on the aerator. Then insert the tube into a wine bottle and press the button. 

Between the aerating and pouring process, red LED light will appear. If you want to stop pouring, just push the white button, and the wine flow will stop. 

You won’t have any problems with discharged batteries, as this electric wine aerator comes with a built-in lithium battery. USB cable is included in the package and very convenient for recharging. Each fully charged battery can aerate 100 bottles of red or white wine. 

This aerator would be even better if it would include a stainless steel flexible tube. The included silicone tube also has some great features. It is flexible and easy to clean. There is also a replaceable tube included in the package.

Some people mention that the aerator’s neck is a bit small. It causes problems with some wine bottles types. 

100 bottles aeration
Robust and portable
USB charging cable included
Battery included
Decanting, pouring lights
Lights up to show battery
Great for a gift (Family, Christmas, birthday)

Small neck of the aerator
Silicone tube/hose
Only for 750ml bottles because of the tube length

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Best set electric wine aerator with case – The RICANK wine aerator dispenser pump

The whole kit with this electric wine aerator comes in an EVA case where you can store all the aerator’s necessary pieces and the aerator. It comes with two dispenser straws that you can replace, or use one for red wine and one for white wine. The device itself is nicely stored in the case. The set also includes a reusable cork for when you are don drinking the wine for easy storage, and a foil cutter to quickly get rid of foil on the bottle. 

This smart wine dispenser comes with the USB charger, which charges the built-in battery in the aerator. 

The RICANK electric wine aerator is super easy to use. Take the dispenser straw and insert it into the bottom of the aerator. Put the flexible silicon tube inside a 750ml wine bottle. The attachment is universal to fit many types of wine bottles. 

The aerator starts dispensing the wine just by the push of a button. When you press the button for dispensing, red LED light appears and shuts off when the dispensing is done.

If you leave the aerator on the bottle, it will preserve the wine, but if you take the aerator off, put the included cork into the bottle to ensure the freshness for a longer time. 

It is perfect for a family event or family Christmas gift.

Cleaning is also straightforward. Just fill up a cup of water and insert the tube into the water. Press the dispenser button and leave the water running until clean water comes out. 

Some users report that preservation is not as good as described in the product description.

2 tubes
USB charging cable included
Battery included
On-off button and led light
100 bottle aeration

Silicone tubes
Only for 750ml bottles

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Best price performance electric wine aerator and pourer – CIRCLE JOY Electric Wine Aerator

CIRCLE JOY can dispense 30 bottles of wine on a single full charge. It is great for 750ml bottles. You will get six times more surface area oxidation for better taste, with a simple press of a button.

The stainless steel tube is expandable in three stages to adapt most bottle heights. The tube connects to the aerator easily. The only thing you need to do is fix it tightly so the pressure can easily pull the wine out of the bottle. Once done, insert the stainless steel straw vertically into the bottle.

Open the aeration switch on the pourer. Press the button on top of the aerator, and wine full of flavor will start to run through the aerator’s valve. 

This gadget is adapted for easy recharge. The package includes a USB cable, and the aerator has a built-in rechargeable battery. 

Most people who encounter problems with this electric wine aerator mentioned dripping issues and that it suddenly stopped working. 

Built-in Li-ion battery
Included rechargeable battery
USB cable included
Stainless steel tube 
Extendable/collapsible stainless steel tube
Fits a variety of heights (bottle, glass, carafe…)
Great for a gift (Family, Christmas, birthday)

Some users say that it drips a bit

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Best electric wine aerator with vacuum saver – WAERATOR Instant 1-Button Electric Aeration and Decanter

A beautifully designed electric aerator with a vacuum saver takes the hassle out of aerating. If you aerated wine for 30 minutes, you could now achieve the same effects within seconds. 

The waerator aerates, dispenses, and preserves your wine for up to four days. The aerator introduces oxygen into the bottle of your favorite red or white wine. You will see tiny bubbles aerating the wine, which enhances the wine’s flavors and softens tannins. The aeration is always instant, and it provides six times more surface oxidation than other wine aerators.

You use it by locking it on a 750ml bottle of wine. It fits any bottleneck size. The operation is effortless. Simply touch the button on the top of the waerator aerator and start pouring. The switch also gives you vibration feedback while pouring. It pours wine 1 oz (28 ml) per second.

This aerator’s downside is that it operates by using four batteries, which are not included or rechargeable. Most people who had problems with this aerator had problems with operation. Most say the device suddenly stopped working.

6 Times More Surface Oxidation
Airtight Seal
Pouring spout
Leaves sediment behind
Great for a gift (Family, Christmas, birthday)

Users mention that it simply stopped working
No batteries included
Not rechargeable
Only suitable for 750ml bottles
Silicone tube
Only one tube included

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Best electric wine aerator without a pourer – Nutrichef Premium Electric Wine Aerator

This is the best wine aerator without a pourer. With its portable design and universal compatibility, it aerates red or white wine anywhere with ease. Use it on a variety of wine bottlenecks. 

Nutrichef electric wine aerator infuses the wine with tiny bubbles that are released from the tube. The oxygen enhances the flavor compounds and softens the tannins; you will taste more fruit, mellower oak, and all the qualities you are looking for in a wine.

The nutrichef electric wine aerator seals the bottle of wine and aerates it in about 30 seconds. When the aeration process is done, simply take the aerator off the bottle and pour the wine in the glass. You can also reseal the wine bottle and store it in the refrigerator because of the vacuum sealer.

The flexible stainless steel tube is excellent for high or small bottles. The aerator also has a built-in LED light to see aeration in action.

If you don’t know what to give for a gift to your friend who appreciates or collects wine, this is a perfect birthday or Christmas present.

The aerator’s downside is that it comes without a pourer, and the batteries are not included in the package and are also not rechargeable. Most users are delighted with the gadget, but some mention that they had problems with LED light not working correctly. 

Aerates full bottle of wine in 30 seconds
Travel size
Extendable/collapsible tube
Stainless steel tube
Built-in LED Light to See the Aeration in Action
Air-Tight Bottle Fit
Universal Fit Attaches to All Wine Bottle Types
Great for a gift (Family, Christmas, birthday)

No batteries included
Not rechargeable
Without pouring spout

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Best cheapest electric wine aerator – Ivation Electric Wine Bottle Aerator

Ivation wine aerator is here to speed up your wine aeration process. It is not the same as using a decanter, but it does a great job if not even a better one. 

Ivation electric wine aerator has a flexible tube to reach the bottom of many wine bottle types. The tube is made of stainless steel. It operates with only two triple-A batteries, which is much more convenient when you need to replace them. 

Ivation electric wine bottle aerator works for whites and reds. It operates in a way that the tube releases tiny air bubbles in the wine. Air bubbles aerate the wine and speed up the maturation process.

It also features a led light that shines while the gadget is aerating. This feature is excellent in ambient lights, which makes the feeling of wine drinking even more pleasurable.

Ivation electric wine aerator is only an aerator and doesn’t have a built-in spout for pouring. When the wine is aerated with Ivation electric wine aerator, simply take it off the bottle and pour wine into your favorite glass.

Some users mention that batteries are discharged in a day. Some people also say that the aeration works less time after pressing the button than stated in the instructions.

Stainless steel tube
Expandable/collapsible tube
Only 2AAA batteries
Three aeration time setting
Led light to see wine aeration
Versatile use, bottle, glass, carafe…
Great for a gift (Family, Christmas, birthday)

Aerating times defer
Quick battery discharge
No pouring spout
No batteries included
No recharging cable

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Best aeration electric wine aerator and dispenser pump – Aervana Original: 1 Touch Luxury Wine Aerator

Some of the features and the concept of Aervana automatic electric wine aerator really stand out. The aerators’ ability to keep the sediments on the bottom of the bottle and not pouring them in your glass is something every aerator should have. You can put the aerator on most bottlenecks, but the tube is not suitable for every bottle height. 

Aervana infuses air into the wine as it’s dispensed. This provides oxygen to soften red wines, enhancing taste and wine bouquet. You achieve this by simply pushing the stainless steel knob on the top of the aerator.

You get two tubes that can be used for two bottle types, 750ml and 1.5L magnum bottles. The tubes’ material is plastic. 

Having an Aervana wine aerator can save you at least 45 minutes of aerating time, which brings out a nice flavor even to non-high-end wines.

Of course, it comes with some minor limitations, but users love it anyway. For instance, if you try to get that last little bit out of the bottle, the head will sputter the wine, and you will make a mess. Some users mention that the wine straw is a bit short. Some people also mention that if the wine bottle has a bunghole, at least an inch of wine will be left in the bottle. Also, for the money, as this wine aerator is pretty expensive, the batteries should be included in the package.

The manufacturer stated that Aervana electric wine aerator works best with these wines: 

Aglianico, Bordeaux blends, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Mourvédre, Nebbiolo, Nero D’Avola, Petit Verdot, Petite Sirah, Syrah, Tannat, Tempranillo, Touriga Nacional, some Malbec, some Pinot Noir

Stainless steel pourer
Only aerator designed to keep wine sediment in the bottom of the bottle
Great aeration
For red and white wine
Fits on most bottles
1 set batteries will dispense 200 bottles of wine
Great for a gift (Family, Christmas, birthday)

Batteries not included
Six batteries
Not rechargeable
Silicone tube
For only two bottle types
Breaks easily

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Alternative electric wine dispenser with spout – Vinaera – World’s First Electronic Wine & Spirit Aerator / Dispenser

Vinaera is a certified food save electric wine aerator. It got a red dot award in 2014 for the best product. It is marked as the fastest electric wine aerator on the market, with its capability to aerate 1 floz (28.5ml) every 2 seconds.

It features six times more air contact surface oxidation than a gravity injected funnel type aerator. Exposure to bubbles releases fusel alcohols and makes the spirit less “spicy” and bitter.

The usage is very clean, which means you can put a bottle of red wine on a white-covered table without any fear.

The stainless steel spout is perfectly designed to deliver a wine with optimal oxidation and without any drippings. 

This aerator’s drawback is that it needs 6AAA batteries that are not rechargeable and not included in the package. Most users mention that for the listed price, batteries should be included. 

Most users that are not satisfied with the purchase mention that the device suddenly stopped working and that the plastic tube is no longer useable after a few months of usage.

Aerates wine at 1 floz (28.5ml) every 2 seconds
Stainless steel pourer
Strong and simple aeration

Batteries not included
6 AAA batteries
Not rechargeable
Silicone tube
Only for 750ml bottles

>>Check price on Amazon<<

Do electric wine aerators actually work and benefits

Yes, electric or automatic wine aerators work like magic. Most of them work on pressure and pull basis. The pressure is generated inside the bottle, and the tube pulls the wine out through the aerator.

Some electric wine aerators only aerate wine inside the bottle, whereas others deliver additional oxidation on the spout.

Wine lovers who use electric wine aerators mention a lot of benefits. It is best to use automatic wine aerator with red wine, but it also works with white wine. 

The best benefits of using an electric or automatic wine aerator with dispenser pump are following:

  1. Wine is aerated faster. The traditional decanter method takes 1-2 hours. With an electric wine aerator decanting and aerating is instant withing a second or two.
  2. Wine is softened and aerated for better taste.
  3. It can also be used to preserve wine once it has been opened.
  4. You can use it on almost any type of bottle or even in glass.
  5. They are straightforward to clean – just dispense clean cold water through the aerator.
  6. Enhances the drinking experience.
  7. Leaves the sediment in the bottle.
  8. New once come with rechargeable batteries and USB cable for easy recharge.
  9. An electric or automatic wine aerator is fantastic as a family or Christmas gift for wine lovers and enthusiasts or anyone who likes electronic gadgets.

How to use an electric wine aerator

Electric or automatic wine aerator decanters come in a package with aerators and tubes. 

The only thing you need to do is to firmly fix the tube on the aerator and insert the tube vertically into the bottle.

Some aerators come with silicone or plastic tube and some with stainless steel. I think that stainless steel is more durable and compliments the wine better. The difference between stainless steel and silicone tube is, the stainless steel tubes are usually expandable and collapsible, whereas silicone once arent. Stainless steel tubes are also better because they adapt to the size of the bottle.

After you insert the tube into the bottle, you press the aeration button, and the aerator starts to pull the wine out of the bottle if the aerator also includes the dispenser or spout. Some automatic wine aerators have a second airflow possibility to enhance the flavor even more. 

Place the wine glass under the pourer, and the wine will immediately start to flow into the glass.

When you are done, you can leave the electric aerator on the bottle. Because the electric aerator vacuum seals the wine, you can preserve the wine in the refrigerator for up to 4 days.

If the electric wine aerator doesn’t include the spout, you simply take the aerator out of the bottle and pour it with your hands.

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