7 best electric potato mashers, for easy mashing in seconds

7 best electric potato mashers for smoothest food
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If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the best electric potato masher is, then I’d recommend the Braun 4-in-1 500W Immersion Hand Blender with potato masher as the best one.

When searching for the best electric potato mashers, there are generally not many different options to choose from. The electric potato mashers are always a part of or an attachment for the immersion hand blender.

The masher’s blade mashes the potatoes and pushes them through tiny holes on the top and the sides. You get great results with a lot of electric mashers, but the immerse hand blender is really the one that decides the quality of the mash and the effort you need to put into mashing your food.

Below you’ll find seven best electric potato mashers that are ideal for making the smoothest mashed potatoes.

7 best electric potato mashers for effortless mashing
CategoryElectric potato masherAttachment and immersion blenderSpeedsPowerDishwasher safe attachment
Best electric potato masherBraun 4-in-1 500W Immersion Hand Blender with potato masher4-in-1 setVariable500WYes
Best runner up electric potato masherBSTY 5-in-1 Hand Blenders Set with potato masher5-in-1 set15500WYes
Best price performance electric potato masherBraun 4-in-1 350W Immersion Hand Blender with potato masher4-in-1 set2350WYes
Best budget option electric potato masherCaynel 6-in-1 500W Immersion Hand Blender with potato masher6-in-1 set8500WYes
Cheapest electric potato masherOvente Potato Vegetable Multi Masher BlenderAttachment only6500WYes
Alternative #1 electric potato masherBreville BSB530XL the All In One Processing Station4-in-1 set15280WYes
Nice to have electric potato masherLogo 5-in-1 Hand Stick Blender with potato masher5-in-1 setVariable700WYes

Best electric potato masher for the fastest and creamiest mashed potatoes

7 best electric potato mashers

Best electric potato masher – Braun 4-in-1 500W Immersion Hand Blender with potato masher

The electric potato masher attachment for Braun 4-in-1 500W

This is the first among the three immersion blenders in this review, with an electric potato masher that has a variable speed button. Variable speed button works in a way that the harder you press, the more powerfully it blends and mashers.

The stick has a 500W motor which is powerful and efficient for mashing, blending or chopping.

The Braun 500W electric potato masher is an attachment and is made of plastic. It has a small plastic blade beneath, and the mashing surface is much wider than with the blender.

Users report great results with pre riced potatoes or with mashing whole chunks of cooked potatoes. The masher is also great for pureeing cooked beans, cauliflower, and other soft vegetables for your family or low carb keto diet.

This electric potato masher is also perfect if you are making large batches of mashed food. Are you making a guacamole party? The Brown electric potato masher will mash avocados for guacamole in no time.

People mentioned that it is much easier than any other way to do mashed food.

The immersion hand blender Braun 4-in-1 500W 

Brown built an excellent multipurpose machine. It’s slightly bigger than the other hand blenders, and it has a lot of useful accessories: ActiveBlade blending wand, 20 oz. beaker, whisk, masher, 6C food processor, 3 slicing and shredding discs and french fry disc

The other mentionable feature is that the blade’s height adjusts to the height of the food you’re blending, which makes blending more secure and helps prevent splatters.

With its active blade technology, you can blend faster and achieve finer and smoother results.

If you are in a hurry and don’t want to screw the attachment on the blender, this feature will make you happy. The easy click innovation allows attachments to click into place rather than screwing in. They are secure, and the two push-button release is easy to use, even for weak hands.

The blender parts are dishwasher safe, which makes cleaning hassle-free.


Mashing of larger quantities
Versatile machine
Useful attachments
Easy click system
Smart speed technology
Advanced splashing control
Fine and fast blending
One hand operation
Variable speed control


A bit heavy
Takes up a lot of kitchen storage

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Best runner up electric potato masher – BSTY 5-in-1 Hand Blenders Set with a potato masher

The electric potato masher attachment BSTY

Most users mention that this potato masher is sturdy and very practical. The speed on the blender for making mashed potatoes is just right. Making strawberry mash or even mashed bananas is very simple with this masher.

Some people use it to make mashed food for their keto diet, like cooked mashed cauliflower or cooked carrots.

Electric potato mashers are excellent if your hands are tired, and you feel pain in joints. Cleaning is effortless, but it is important to wash the masher right after you are finished. Dry food on the masher will be tough to clean; that is why a quick rinse under tap water will help a lot.

The immersion hand blender BSTY

This 5 in 1 immersion hand blender comes with some great accessories which you can use together with the immersion blender body: stainless steel stick blender attachment for silky sauces, egg whisk for pancake batter, or whipped cream, food chopper for chopping anything, potato masher and mixing container.

The powerful BSTY blender is unique in speed settings. It has got 15-speed variations for a variety of blends. Because of the speed and power, it is great for cutting and grinding meat. The blades in the chopper are very sharp, which helps with achieving great results.

Users also mention that it is very easy to clean. All of the parts except the blender body are dishwasher safe.


Very sturdy
Blades very sharp
Perfect for cutting meat
Versatile use
Masher does a great job
Dishwasher safe
5 in 1 set


Some users had problems with the motor
Poor instructions

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Best price performance electric potato masher – Braun 4-in-1 350W Immersion Hand Blender with potato masher

The electric potato masher attachment Braun 4-in-1 350W

The electric potato masher attachment is easy to use. The body and the blade on the masher are made of plastic. This means you can safely use the masher in your non-stick surface pans and Teflon cookware.

Making smooth and creamy potatoes is very easy. You only need to press the high-speed button, and the masher does the rest. Lightly lift the masher and press it gently towards potatoes to get perfect results.

You can use the masher for many cooked vegetables, dips, spreads, and soft fruits.

The immersion hand blender Braun 4-in-1 350W

The 350W Braun immersion blender is powerful and sturdy. From all the immersion blenders with electric potato mashers, this blender is most loved among the users.

The positive feedback from home cooks and tons of fantastic reviews give it a good reputation.

It has a plastic body, stainless steel blender attachment, plastic potato masher, whisk, mixing bowl, and a measuring cup.

The blending shaft on this blender is something else. It has got a unique bell-shaped shaft, which reduces suction and draws food inward for finer blending. The bell-shaped shaft also allows minimum splashing. Unlike other blenders in this review except the best one, Braun 4 in 1 350W has an easy click system for a quick attachment change.

Most people mention that this blender is built for life. It is sturdy and well built. The motor runs like a clock even on high speed and tough foods like tahini paste and peanut butter. It also has a soft-grip, slip-proof, ergonomic handle that makes blending very comfortable.


Best price performance blender
A ton of great reviews on Amazon
Ergonomic design
Click system for attachments
Anti splash shaft
Durable electric potato masher


No speed control only two speeds available
When cleaning, water should not run into attachment as it might rust

>>Check price on Amazon<<

Best budget option electric potato masher – Caynel 6-in-1 500W Immersion Hand Blender with potato masher

The electric potato masher attachment Caynel

This electric potato masher and hand blender is the best budget option for you. Adjusting the speed with the masher is very easy because of the power button regulation. The best option for making mashed potatoes with this electric potato masher is to use full power.

Most users say that this electric potato masher makes lump-free mashed potatoes, and you can also use it for different dips, spreads, and other cooked fruits and vegetables.

A lot of people use the masher for the holidays when there is tons of food to prepare. Most users were using food mills for potatoes, but everything changed when they met the electric potato masher. The electric potato masher is perfect for larger quantities, and in the end, your hand doesn’t hurt.

The immersion hand blender Caynel

Making silky sauces, chopping vegetables, or whisking cream is effortless with the Caynel hand blender. It features a touch sensitive squeeze button for speed regulation. Pushing this button gently will rotate the blade at low speed. The harder you push, the finer the results. Top speed can handle fine chopping and mixing with excellent results.

The power regulation is perfect for coarse and fine cutting in the processor bowl. The bowl also has a feeding tube, which is ideal for adding small food pieces while mixing.

The blender itself is well designed with a nonslip grip. The motor power is 500W, which is perfect for a hand blender.

This 6 in 1 set has all the attachments and accessories you need: removable blending arm, whisk attachment, 600ml/20 Oz mix beaker, 1500ml/50 Oz processor bowl, blending attachment, and masher attachment.


Best price performance
Great results with a lot of users
Dishwasher safe
Feed tube on processor bowl
A lot of attachments
Great design
6 in 1 set


The motor is a bit heavy
Some users reported problems with motor
Attachments are not that sturdy

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Cheapest electric potato masher – Ovente Potato Vegetable Multi Masher Blender 

The electric potato masher attachment Ovente

Ovente attachment is not a part of the set and can be bought separately. It is compatible with the Ovente immersion blender.

The electric potato masher is made of plastic, which means it is perfect for every pot and pan. You can use this attachment on your non-stick pan or Teflon surface. Don’t let the low price of this attachment and blender fool you. The attachment is as sturdy as any other electric potato masher in this review.

You will achieve great results with this electric potato masher, especially if you are tired of mashing potatoes by hand.


The immersion hand blender Ovente

Ovente hand blender has a strong 500-Watt motor, which quickly mixes ingredients of your choice. Speed and power are controlled with two buttons and a speed knob on the top of the blender. One button reacts to the 6-speed control dial setting, and the other one is for turbo pulse.

It is well designed, and two LED lights shining through power buttons give it an elegant look. The body and main blending attachments are made of nickel-brushed stainless steel.

Some people mention that this device works better than the well-known brands in this industry. Making peanut butter or hummus is a piece of cake with this device.

The blender doesn’t come with attachments or accessories, but most users mention that it is a perfect blender for the price.


Very cheap
You can make a variety of food with this blender
Nicely designed
LED lights


You have to buy masher separately
For the price, you only get the blender without attachments

>>Check price on Amazon<<

Alternative #1 electric potato masher – Breville BSB530XL the All In One Processing Station

The electric potato masher attachment Breville BSB530XL

The electric ricer/masher will make rustic, smooth, and creamy mashers depending on how you set it up. This is the only electric potato masher where you can select the texture of the mash. To achieve different textures, simply twist the adjustable head for fine, medium, or coarse mashing texture.

Most people prefer smooth mashed potatoes, but many users say that after using the Breville electric potato masher attachment, rustic mashed potatoes are becoming their favorite.

The plastic head of the masher and attached plastic blade are also ideal for non-stick surfaces. The fear of scratching your non-stick surface is unnecessary.

The immersion hand blender Breville BSB530XL

Most Breville products are very well designed, and the Breville brand represents quality on the market. The Breville BSB530XL hand blender also confirms this fact.

The most mentionable features are:

Anti suction blending – the specially designed bell-shaped blending base and internal ribbing reduce suction.

Compact storage: all attachments can be stored on a special storage base. You can leave this storage base directly on your kitchen countertop or put it in your pantry.

Large food processor: the 6 cup food processor is large enough to compete with some stand-alone food processor. It includes S-Blade for chopping, an adjustable slicer for fruits and crunchy vegetables, and a reversible grater.

The ergonomic trigger grip ensures greater control and more efficient blending.

People were mostly satisfied with the blender, but most complaints were addressed to the food processor. Users mentioned that the food processor is inferior quality and that it broke very fast. Also, low power that the blender offers (280W) caused problems for some users.


Different types of mashing available
Special design
Attachments are dishwasher safe
Blending control
Compact storage
Large food processor
Ergonomic grip


Low-quality food processor
Power only 280W

>>Check price on Amazon<<

Nice to have electric potato masher – Logo 5-in-1 Hand Stick Blender with potato masher

The electric potato masher attachment Logo 5 in 1

If you like a beautiful design, then this electric potato masher is for you. With soft-touch controls, mashing potatoes is easy.

The plastic design is perfect for non-stick pans and cookware. It comes in four different colors, blue, red, black, and beige.

The immersion hand blender Logo 5 in 1

The beautifully designed Logo immersion blender has a stainless steel arm with a slicing blade and plastic blender body.

It features an innovative FlowBlend system to deliver precise slicing and smooth results.

The shape is ergonomically designed with an anti-slip handle. The design and anti-slip surface provide excellent control during blending and mashing. It has variable speed selections to achieve different food textures and a turbo button for fine mix and mash. Variable speed button functions in a way that the more you press the button, the faster the blade spins.

The only downside of this blender is a high price. Still, in return, you get great after-sales support and a beautifully designed blender and electric potato masher for your new modern style kitchen. You won’t regret putting this blender on a kitchen counter for your friends to see it shining as a decorative add on to your kitchen.

Soft-touch controls include a turbo feature for simple setting adjustments at the touch of a button. The 5 in 1 set includes a blender, whisk, measuring cup, electric potato masher, and a food processor with s-blade.


Beautifully designed
Warm colors available
Turbo button
Variable speed button
5 in 1 set


Extremely expensive

>Check price on Amazon<<

mashed potatoes with potato masher

What is an electric potato masher and how to use it

An electric potato masher is an attachment for an immersion blender. The only thing user needs to do is attach the masher attachment to the hand blender.

The next step is to attach the plastic blade on the masher attachment if it is not already connected. Just like the masher, the blade is also made plastic, which means they are not sharp. Therefore you can safely attach it without the fear of cutting your fingers.

A simple turn or two will tighten the plastic blade on attachment, and you are ready to go.

Within reviewing and search for the best electric potato masher, I found that overall all the manufacturers had poor instructions for the potato masher attachments.

It is effortless to use an electric potato masher. If you want to know how the electric potato masher is used to make the fluffiest and creamiest mashed potatoes, check this video:

Why should you get an electric potato masher and who is it for

Potato mashers take all the hassle from making mashed potatoes. To be honest, making mashed potatoes with a hand masher is not that easy task, especially if you are making a lot of mashed potatoes.

Here are 6 reasons why you will want to replace your hand potato masher with an electric potato masher:

  1. An electric potato masher is great for larger quantities of food
  2. An electric potato masher is great for people with pain in their hands
  3. An electric potato masher is great for people with arthritic hands
  4. An electric potato masher is great for effortless mashing
  5. Electric potato masher makes creamier mashed potatoes than hand masher
  6. Electric potato masher saves kitchen space

I was also skeptical about an electric potato masher. But once I started to use the electric potato masher, I found that making mashed potatoes is easier than ever before. Since we are a family of 5, we usually make quite many potatoes for our lunch if we invite some friends the quantities double. Mashing 8 pounds of potatoes is not that easy, and when I tried to mash them with an electric potato masher for the first time, I never went back to the old fashioned hand masher.

Using electric potato masher with larger quantities is not the only positive advantage of this gadget.

An electric potato masher is also perfect if you have painful hands, especially people with arthritic hands. When arthritis affects the joints of the hands, it can cause pain and stiffness. Making mashed potatoes with this pain is a pain in itself. Here is where an electric potato masher comes really in handy. You can make mashed potatoes with no effort at all.

Owning an electric potato mixer is also great for your cabinet space. The attachment uses very little space, and you can put away all other hand mashers and organize your kitchen drawer.

electric potato masher

Is electric potato masher suitable for non-stick pans and cookware

Yes, electric potato mashers are suitable for non-stick surfaces and Teflon pots and pans.

Two parts of the electric potato masher can come into contact with a non-stick surface. The first part is the mashers’ head, and the second part is the blade.

The fear of scratching your non-stick surface with an electric potato masher is unnecessary. An electric potato masher is an attachment for the immersion hand blender, and it is usually made of plastic. The bottom part of the mashers in our review are all made of plastic, so it is safe to use them for your non-stick pans and cookware.

The second thing that could scratch the non-stick surface of your pans is the blade. Blades on electric potato mashers are made of plastic. The plastic blade won’t scratch your non-stick pan, which means that it is safe to use an electric potato masher on your non-stick surfaces.


All of the reviewed potato mashers are great. Some are more sturdy than others. But once you start using the electric potato masher, you will see that you don’t need a lot of strength to produce creamy potatoes. The review was based on the quality of potato masher and the quality of the immersion hand blender. The best results are achieved with Braun 4-in-1 500W Immersion Hand Blender with potato masher. The blender also had the most positive reviews on Amazon. That is why Braun 4-in-1 500W Immersion Hand Blender with potato masher was chosen as the best electric potato masher.


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